About us

Reddot is a biotech startup focused on next generation molecular diagnostics.

Its patented platform, MDx-Nano, provides a unique and powerful diagnostic platform to accurately identify genetic traces (DNA / RNA) faster, cheaper and with similar accuracy as current gold standard technologies, such as RT-PCR.

By combining nanotechnology, digitally designed molecules (oligonucleotides) and a proprietary image algorithm, Reddot Bio delivers a reliable technology to be used anywhere and at the right time. The proprietary fluidic chip provides an automated process and low human interaction, avoiding errors and increasing repeatability.

RedONE point-of-care system is designed to be used anywhere, with virtually no maintenance, intuitive human interface, self sterilizing mechanism and is able to connect to the cloud datacenter and the SMART monitoring system. With its extendable diagnostic racks, the client can process multiple diagnostic analysis at the same time.


RedONE System

RedONE System is the only point-of-care molecular diagnostic to provide accurate results within less than 5 min for a fraction of the costs when compared with current “gold standard” competitors. The device supports up to 4 cartridges at the same time, ideal for a point-of-care use.

Specially designed for remote use, it does not require amplification nor heating for most sample preparations, which reduces time and costs with specialized professionals and laboratory infrastructure. In combination with its fluidic cartridge technology and proprietary algorithm, Reddot platform assures maximum intuitive user experience, low maintenance and connectivity.

  • 1TB memory capacity;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • 10.1” touch screen;
  • Connectivity with LIMS/LIS;
  • Presentation of results, databank and statistics;
  • Dimension: 33 x 45 x 33 cm (L x W x H).
Powerful Performance

High sensitivity and specificity.

Multiplex Targets

Accurate multiplex test for identification of multiple genetic traces in a single chip.

RNA and DNA Testing

Flexible technology is able to detect genetic traces using DNA or RNA sampling.

User-Friendly Workflow

Cloud software with convenient workflow using proprietary software and patient data.

Short TAT

Accurate quantitative and qualitative results within 5 min.

Automated Data Analyzer

Automated data interpretation.


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Analytical Studies & Data Analyst

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Founder & Interim CEO

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Legal Adviser

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Scientific Researcher

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