About us

Reddot is a biotech startup focused on next generation molecular diagnostics.

Its patented platform, MDx-Nano, provides a unique and powerful diagnostic platform to accurately identify genetic traces (DNA / RNA) faster, cheaper, and with similar accuracy as current gold standard technologies, such as RT-PCR.

By combining nanotechnology, rationally designed molecules (oligonucleotides), and a proprietary image algorithm, Reddot Bio delivers a reliable technology to be used anywhere and at the right time. The proprietary technology provides faster results than any other technology, with maximum specificity and sensitivity, low cost, and low human interaction. Also, you can run it on any Elisa reader.

- Reduced TAT: Up to 2x faster than RT-PCR
- Able to run in 96 plate in most Elisa readers.
- Molecular identification of cell viability in many targets;
- Drastic reduction of time;
- No enrichment process required;
- Easy pre-analytical preparation - Reduced laboratory handling and specialized labor;
- Reduced risk of cross-reaction;
- Reduction of the pre-slaughter quarantine period;
- Lower risk of factory bacterial spread;


RedONE System

Run our assays in your Elisa readers. Simple as that!

If you do not have an equipment, we can supply one to you.

Reddot`s MDx-Nano technology can run on any low- or high-throughput Elisa readers. If you need an equipment, we can supply to you our highly compact and easy-to-use Elisa readers.

• Red96 Elisa Reader: The Red96 is the only truly portable plate reader in the world. Easily transported within or between different laboratories, the Red96 gives you complete flexibility. In the often-crowded setting of the modern laboratory, the Red96 helps decentralizing important workflows, increasing access to instrumentation and bringing readout to your workspace. The Red96 is the first microplate reader on the market to contain 96 individual detection units. Without the need to scan across multiple wells, the Red96 requires no moving parts. In combination with long-life LEDs, the solid-state technology provides a maintenance-free user experience and ensures reliable, high-quality results.

• RedONE Elisa Reader: RedOne provides a singular user experience and low cost. Disrupting the idea of centralized equipment, the RedOne’s minimal footprint and low price point mean it is available to every lab - and even every workstation. The application of ambient light canceling technology results in an open design, allowing for quick and intuitive cuvette loading. Auto cuvette detection initiates measurement in a fraction of a second and results are displayed instantly in the RedOne App.


Abadio Costa-Junior

Analytical Studies & Data Analyst

Franco Sauvisky

Software & UEX

Dieter Weinand, MD, MBA

Chairman of the Board

Caio Bruno Leal

Founder & Scientific Adviser

Rafael M. Bottos

Founder & Interim CEO

Patrick Nielson

Legal Adviser

Priscila Calil

Scientific Researcher

Gabriel Garbugio da Silva

Mechanics & Electronics

Eduarda L. Munari, MSc


Animal Health


Escherichia coli


Food Safety