Salmonella Pullorum
Animal Health


Fast screening of viable Salmonella Pullorum


The principle of this screening test is the identification of viability Salmonella Pullorum. MDx-Nano technology provides high sensitivity and maximum specificity, reducing chances of false positives with the benefit to identify only viable targets.


Developed as an open and flexible system, each MDx-Nano Salmonella Screening package can be used for up to 94 samples. Reactions can be run on any low- or high-throughput Elisa readers, depending on the laboratory’s needs. Different MDx-Nano assays can be run in parallel on the same plate.

Product information


  • Reduced TAT: Up to 2x faster than RT-PCR
  • Able to run in 96 plate in most Elisa readers.
  • Molecular identification of cell viability of the Salmonella Pullorum;
  • Drastic reduction of time;
  • No enrichment process required;
  • Easy pre-analytical preparation - Reduced laboratory handling and specialized labor;
  • Designed for maximum specificity - low risk of false positives;
  • Reduced risk of cross-reaction;
  • Drastic reduction of time to decision-making;
  • Reduction of the pre-slaughter quarantine period;
  • Lower risk of factory bacterial spread;